Wordpress Auto-Login

Wordpress Auto Login Plugin

I had come up with requirement where I need to provide a auto-login to WordPress blog with Guest user credentials. To accomplish that requirement first I had looked up at available plugins which can let me do that without writing a line of code. Finally I got something similar I wanted and I have modified that and written a plugin to match up that requirement. I owe lot to WordPress; and to add up my little contribution to WordPress community I have generalized that plugin and published it here on my blogs and WordPress Plugins directory.

To be fair this plugin is simple and do not have any interface from where you can configure it. Simply open up the auto-login.php file and edit following configuration array; that’s it you are done.

How to configure WordPress Auto-Login ?

It’s simple just look at code snippet and you will find out yourself..!

// Allow guest login from Friend URLs. Please specify list of all websites from which guest login is allowed.
// You can choose/specify different user to auto-login them from different websites.
$aFriend[] = array('URL' => 'http://life.digitss.com', 'USER' => 'guest');
$aFriend[] = array('URL' => 'http://www.digitss.com', 'USER' => 'guest');
$aFriend[] = array('URL' => 'http://www.dgtss.com', 'USER' => 'guest');
$aFriend[] = array('URL' => 'http://blogs.dgtss.com', 'USER' => 'guest');

Specify list of friend or ally websites along with USER. Yes, you can specify different User for auto-login from each website. So you can configure those websites based on roles/rights and set them up..!

Download WordPress Auto-Login Plugin