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Truncate last N lines of a file using PHP

For one of my project I needed to remove certain footer / tail-end lines from the file to make it clean as it was containing some summary of records within the file. Because if I do that it can be directly loaded into database by LOAD DATA command. To remove lines from the end of file you can use following snippet of code:

Simple / Plain Ajax – without any JavaScript library

Yes, we are in the world of AJAX where we don’t live without jQuery, Prototype or Mootools but when it comes to explaining someone that how raw ajax works, you need an example of plain AJAX which we have been using 5 years back when these libraries were either just born and were not as famous as today. Because my favorite jQuery has become a de facto standard when it comes to DOM manipulation or AJAX.

Recently I have to give an example to one of my friend on how raw AJAX works and here I am sharing that sample with my blog readers as a reference.

jQuery case-insensitive Contains Expression..!

Most of the time to search through DOM and filter text we need a jQuery Expression/filter which gives us case-insensitive result. I believe it’s required to have it as a part of jQuery base-library but anyway writing your own is very simple.

I have gone through some of other implementation before writing this but here this version is complete copy of jQuery library’s “contains” filter except it is case-insensitive.

Reading MSSQL BLOG column data with PHP

I was working on a migration script to transfer data from legacy desktop software to Portal we have developed. While migrating attachments (stored as TIFF files) in BLOB (Long Binary) in Microsoft SQL Database Server using PHP it was not a cake-walk. When I observed every time it was creating a file of same size (4KB). I quickly understood that there is some limitation (of size) for reading records in PHP configuration.

Printing data table vertically..! Why? and How?

Last week one of my friend called me up as he got stuck when he has to print data table vertically. Yes vertical table, it means that you want your data to print from top to bottom and not left to write, which is standard conventional way to generate html table.

Using Views to avoid cross database connection – MySQL

Table Views can be used as an unconventional way to avoid cross/multiple database connections sometimes..! Yes, it can be. I came across such case and found that it can be handy in some simple cases when we just want to avoid connection to another database on the same MySQL server and we can’t afford to create that table in the same database due to some reasons.