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Printing data table vertically..! Why? and How?

Last week one of my friend called me up as he got stuck when he has to print data table vertically. Yes vertical table, it means that you want your data to print from top to bottom and not left to write, which is standard conventional way to generate html table.

PHP: Performance Improvement Tips

This post covers some performance improvement tips by showing merits or demerits of various coding practices in PHP. While developing small websites or projects which are not meant to be maintained for longer period of time it’s okey it we don’t care about all this performance improvement and so on. But while we are into the development of some product or project which are going to be maintained for longer period of time then it is required that we take care of small things from the beginning. Initially we may feel that benefits are not drastic but when we have large amount of user base then all small and minor things matters.