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PHP 5.2.7 is released

This is good to hear that PHP 5.2.7 is released last week. PHP 5.3 alpha 3 is released as well at the same time. Actually this release has taken more than 6 months after it’s last stable release of 5.2.6 version. But it’s better later than never. I have come across some blogs archives indicating dull future of PHP in coming year, but this slow and steady progress confirms that PHP elephant is here to stay, and there are many other blogs out there which indicates that too.

Zend Framework 1.6 RC1 with WSDL AutoDiscovery

Zend Framework’s new release 1.6 is in it’s RC1 stage now. It has got many exiting features, including one of the much waited WSDL auto-generation using Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover class. It will automatically generate WSDL based on your class definition based on PHP Documentation.

PHP: Performance Improvement Tips

This post covers some performance improvement tips by showing merits or demerits of various coding practices in PHP. While developing small websites or projects which are not meant to be maintained for longer period of time it’s okey it we don’t care about all this performance improvement and so on. But while we are into the development of some product or project which are going to be maintained for longer period of time then it is required that we take care of small things from the beginning. Initially we may feel that benefits are not drastic but when we have large amount of user base then all small and minor things matters.

Symfony 1.1 RC1 Released

There are some great news for symphony lovers. Symfony 1.1 is now in it’s release candidate stage. At the same time the biggest news is that after Yahoo! Bookmarks now Yahoo! has chose symphony...

Top Open Source PHP Frameworks

After RoR there are lot many frameworks in PHP which are either inspired by it or based on MVC pattern. Today I am throwing some light on some of it, which I came across...