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The perfect regular expression for email validation

Okey..! You are looking for “The perfect regular expression for email validation……” aaah..! That’s great. I have come across an article as author has done lot of analysis to find out the perfect regular-expression and benchmark it against hundreds of test-cases.

Smarty 3.0 is almost here..!

There could be some or lot of us in PHP World who might have not heard about Smarty..! Yes, Smarty is the PHP Template Engine since ages. Why Ages……? some of you might ask.. but it is there since long… really long, even before we started hearing about these PHP Frameworks.

NetBeans 6.8 is out

NetBeans 6.8 is out and it is on the door with many new exciting features. I am developing Web Applications with PHP, XML, Javascript, HTML and it has been great experience using NetBeans. Other than NetBeans I am using Eclipse for some of the projects and NotePad++ and EditPlus are handy for some quick-fixes where you don’t need to open up or create a new Project.

When PHP Frameworks are going to stop PHP 4 support?

As of now we have many frameworks which are still supporting PHP 4.x. CakePHP and CodeIgniter are leading that troop. Now we have PHP 6 about to get ready for production and PHP 5.x is in it’s mature stage since long while now with PHP 5.3 as the latest release. I am not against for support on 4.x version of PHP; may great developers/teams have developed awasom tools and application and they should be still usable without any modifications in their coding.

PHP Text Encoding – Challenge..!

I have faced some challenge in respect of text encoding with PHP in near past and would like to share with all of you. I am not sure that it indicates PHP’s limitation/weakness in that particular area or just a blind spot for me..! But would like to know about that as for that particular instance I took help of small C# utility to get it done.