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Reading MSSQL BLOG column data with PHP

I was working on a migration script to transfer data from legacy desktop software to Portal we have developed. While migrating attachments (stored as TIFF files) in BLOB (Long Binary) in Microsoft SQL Database Server using PHP it was not a cake-walk. When I observed every time it was creating a file of same size (4KB). I quickly understood that there is some limitation (of size) for reading records in PHP configuration.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Preview available for Download

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 – Preview has been made available for download. Though you won’t be able to use it in your day to day browsing as of yet as it is in quite row format without any navigational/address bar. We have to click Page > Open > Type in the Web URL to open. Beta series should start in couple of months once things are better managed for end users. Currently it’s for enthusiasts who wants to see and test their website/web-app behavior in IE9.

Installing Apache on Windows 2008

It’s not a easy drive when you are installing deploying your open-source application on Microsoft Windows 2008 Server. There was a nasty UAC – User Account Control which makes it difficult to configure Apache if we don’t know about UAC on Windows 2008.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together

I went to YouTube from one of the funny videos of Steve Ballmer – Microsoft CEO and then one by one I got to the series of 11 videos where Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were together on a TV Show (D5 All things Digital) in 2007. It was awesome and I recommend it to go through it once for all.

Windows Terminal Server and User Auto Log-Off for RDP

If you are one who has ever faced issues due to people disconnecting from the Windows Terminal Server (RDP) and not logging off? Then here is a small change you can make and it will auto-log-off Users after specific interval of disconnection.