It is not possible that you have not heard about Blogging yet..! Everyone from Amitabh Bachchan to your neighbour’s wife seems to have one. Various estimates put the number at over 100 million globally, with readerships of each varying from millions to just the blogger and his dog. It’s time you added to the number and start your own.

Yes, there is chaos out there. And a big clutter. How can you make money from a blog when most people don’t? There are ways for your blog to go beyond being a mere statistic and making a healthy contribution to your personal balance sheet. The following could help you get started:

Define your Product

Every suggestion in the book on monetizing your blog will come to nought if your product is not strong. For a blog, the product is mainly content. What is more important in a newspaper: the quality of production or what it offers to read? Same holds true for a blog.

Start by asking why you are writing a blog. This will bring clarity on who you are writing for, and this in turn will help you determine what you are writing. Readers will come to you only if you carry something impactful, informative or even humorous for them. Just because so many blogs have little more than incoherent ramblings of the publisher does not mean you have to subscribe to such low denominators.

Blogging Dimensions - To be taken care of

Blogging Dimensions - To be taken care of

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