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Eleven Qualities of successful IT Managers

To succeed as an IT manager, and to advance your career into the executive sphere, you need some very specific traits – 11 to be exact. From needs assessment to team building, these are the skills you need to be at the top of your game.

Making money online: How to Market your Blog?

Setting up a blog is as easy as it gets—getting traffic is another proposition altogether. Yes, blogs by their very nature are supposed to be search engine optimization ready but there is a catch: Your blog needs to break free from the millions of blogs jostling with each other for attention. And till you don’t get traffic, you cannot make money from a blog. At least through some of the direct means.

Making money online: Choosing a blog type

You can decide to blog about your personal habits, but no one would care about that unless you happen to be Paris Hilton. It would still be fine but we are here to help you make money. Identify a gap in the market, and go for it. A blog to enhance your professional income. Businesses need to blog – whether they are your own or you work for one