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Google launched new +1 Button

Google has answered Facebook with their newest product in the shelf “Google +1 Button”. With this new +1 Button your visitors can promote article, blog post, website or product on your website by simply clicking and +1 Button.

Google updates Google App’s maximum number of users for Standard/Free Edition

Today I have received an announcement from Google Apps team that maximum # of users for Standard edition (which is free) has been reduced to 10. Previously that number was 50 (really generous), with which many businesses don’t really need to go and buy the Premier Edition which would cost $50/year per user (email account). Especially when they really don’t want to go for signing up SLA for up-time and all that.

jQuery or non-jQuery Calendar Schedulers

If you’re looking for Google-like Calendar for your next web-application than, here is list of jQuery/ non-jQuery but Javascript based Calendar Schedulers which you can use in your web-application to provide scheduling and/or even calendars.

Google vs Content Farms and Spammers

Google frequently makes changes in Search algorithm, this count reaches somewhere around 350-400 changes a year. It means that there is some change in search algorithm everyday and it creates challenges for Search Engine Specialists and companies who are having SEO and SEM as their primary bread-and-butter. They just have to keep experimenting constantly to find out what works out best.

The change that Google made more than a month back made one of the most consequential algorithm change of last decade which has affected about 12% of search results.

Google adsense v3 – new adsense interface

Google Adsense has got new user interface (v3), it seems to be much faster and responsive than the earlier version but when one has been using it for sometime it takes little while to get used to the newer version.