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Smarty 3.0 is almost here..!

There could be some or lot of us in PHP World who might have not heard about Smarty..! Yes, Smarty is the PHP Template Engine since ages. Why Ages……? some of you might ask.. but it is there since long… really long, even before we started hearing about these PHP Frameworks.

When PHP Frameworks are going to stop PHP 4 support?

As of now we have many frameworks which are still supporting PHP 4.x. CakePHP and CodeIgniter are leading that troop. Now we have PHP 6 about to get ready for production and PHP 5.x is in it’s mature stage since long while now with PHP 5.3 as the latest release. I am not against for support on 4.x version of PHP; may great developers/teams have developed awasom tools and application and they should be still usable without any modifications in their coding.

Top Open Source PHP Frameworks

After RoR there are lot many frameworks in PHP which are either inspired by it or based on MVC pattern. Today I am throwing some light on some of it, which I came across...