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Whom to Hire, Whom to Fire and When?

If you are one of those like me somewhat, who finds it bit or lot more troublesome to fire employees than the fact about firing an employee is that “We are not doing bad with them or their families or not even to community or anyone else, the simplest point is that – they are not just good at what we want and they can be lot more better at many other places or skills which we might not want at this point in time.”

Training to be an Entrepreneur

I have been following one of my Twitter friend Jinal Shah since sometime now. She is an entrepreneur or starting up a business and has come up with excellent compilation of points which are like must TODO for a entrepreneur. I agree to all her thoughts and her post has increase my confidence and some of my thoughts.

Hiring a CEO vs Promoting a CEO

I believe it’s up to the board of Company to decide based on hundreds of complex criteria whether to promote a CEO from internal staff or to hire a new one.