One of the bigger challenges for bloggers is generating fresh and unique content at a consistent pace. There are many reasons why it is not easy. Monotony or bloggers block can cause spirits to wane. They may not have enough content to generate. If the purpose is to make money, a lot of time may need to be spent on marketing leaving lesser time for content. If you are blogging part time, your day job might not leave you with enough time or energy to write content.

There are ways to overcome this challenge by generating content from alternate sources. Not only to take care of the issues mentioned here, but also to add more variety and depth to the content. This is where you can get content from when you are not able to provide yourself adequately:

Guest Writers: It is not uncommon to invite others to contribute to your blog if they have something relevant to add. The guest could write a one-off post, or even agree to post something at a regular frequency. Their motivation to do so may be an opportunity to be featured in what they consider a quality media outlet, to do you a favour or even to earn some money. The last mentioned can be an option if you have a budget to pay writers.
Make it a collaborative blog: While blogs are usually perceived as one-person efforts, it need not be the rule. Nor is it always the case especially when operations cross a certain level. You could partner with one or more persons on the blog giving you more contributors. Even if everyone cannot write, division of labour can ensure all necessary functions like content, marketing and technology are given their due attention by the various partners.
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