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What’s new with iPhone OS 4.0

On April 8, Apple unveiled plans for the biggest and most exciting iPhone software update yet. iPhone OS 4 will include over 100 new user features for iPhone and iPod touch owners to enjoy. And for developers, a new software development kit (SDK) offers over 1500 new APIs to create apps that are even more powerful, innovative, and amazing.

Apple iPad launched

After Macintosh, iPod and iPhone Apple has created new waves in a market where there was lot of scope yet literally no competition if we consider with Apple’s standards. It seems like it will have big impact on consumers who are looking for something like this and who really like to read and publish.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together

I went to YouTube from one of the funny videos of Steve Ballmer – Microsoft CEO and then one by one I got to the series of 11 videos where Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were together on a TV Show (D5 All things Digital) in 2007. It was awesome and I recommend it to go through it once for all.