Why are they needed?

  • To impart softness, smoothness, fullness, suppleness and appearance of the fabric
  • To provide better tear and abrasion resistance
  • Helps in Processing of sueding, napping, compressive shrinkage, crack marks prevention during dyeing, etc.

In market there are many kind of softeners available like anionic , cationic, nonionic and various combinations of them and others (silicon, amino silicon, reactive,..). CGSOFT NI 50 is one such softener that C.G. Chemical manufactures.

CGSOFT NI 50 ( Nonionic softener) does not have electrical charge where as anionic & cationic softeners have -ve & +ve electrical charge respectively. CGSOFT NI 50 ( Nonionic softener) is compatible with most textile auxiliaries either anionic or cationic used in the bath, which are widely used for achieving dry, pliable hand & good resistance to discoloration.

CGSOFT NI 50 ( Nonionic softener) is usually derived form fatty acids/alcohols

CGSOFT NI 50 ( Nonionic softener)  has specific properties as below,

Chemical Nature Fatty Acid/Alcohol derivatives
Physical Appearance Smooth whitepaste
pH ≥ 7
Ionic Nature Nonionic
Dilution Can be dispersed/diluted with cold (30⁰- 35⁰ C) water
Storage Store in a cool place & keep lid close when not in use to avoid oxidation & dehydration
Handling Non hazardous

NB: Above information is given to the best of my knowledge & without warranty on my part.