Affiliate Marketing: How to?

Motivated Affiliates: The short-cut to success:
So, what exactly does having affiliates add to your business? Here are just a few benefits:

* More Referrals
* A Larger Market (yours + your affiliate’s)
* An Outside Promoter of Your Products/Services
* Increased Networking Abilities
* & Ultimately More Sales!

7 Things You Must Know About Your Customer

7 Things You Must Know About Your Customer: Name, What They’ve Purchased, How Often They Purchase, How Much They Spend (on average), The Last Time They Purchased, Each Interaction You’ve Had With Them, How They Feel About Your Business

Benefits Versus Features

A friend that works at a car dealership was recently discussing a sales technique with me. “We’re not allowed to let customers leave…until they take a test drive,” she said. “If they take a test drive, the chances that they’ll buy really improve.”

What does this have to do with today’s topic? The car dealership’s policy clearly illustrates the difference between selling features and selling benefits.

Follow-up forever: the key to effective marketing

In every business whether it is existing customer or new prospect followup is a must. Effective followup strategy can win and retain customers. Follow-ups by various means will create an impression on audience about business existence, this is true because lot of small business owners do not have luxury like brand names.

Whom to Hire, Whom to Fire and When?

If you are one of those like me somewhat, who finds it bit or lot more troublesome to fire employees than the fact about firing an employee is that “We are not doing bad with them or their families or not even to community or anyone else, the simplest point is that – they are not just good at what we want and they can be lot more better at many other places or skills which we might not want at this point in time.”