The perfect regular expression for email validation

Okey..! You are looking for “The perfect regular expression for email validation……” aaah..! That’s great. I have come across an article as author has done lot of analysis to find out the perfect regular-expression and benchmark it against hundreds of test-cases. – URL Shortener from Google

Google has introduced another product from it’s Lab offering URL Shortening service – Yes, it’s integrated with your Google account and you can see the history and hits for all the URLs you have shortened.

New Twitter Preview is ON..!

Today when I logged into my Twitter account, I saw message on top of the website to enable the New Twitter Preview..! As per my first hand experience it’s faster, easier and will require less clicks and easy access to options which you need most.

Smarty 3.0 is almost here..!

There could be some or lot of us in PHP World who might have not heard about Smarty..! Yes, Smarty is the PHP Template Engine since ages. Why Ages……? some of you might ask.. but it is there since long… really long, even before we started hearing about these PHP Frameworks.

Google Caffeine: The new Search engine index

Google announced launch of it’s new search engine this June 2010. It’s time to be happy for all those who update their website contents frequently and willing to appear in Google search as soon as they publish. Google has made this possible with it’s brand new search engine index.