jQuery Magnet Multi-Select List – DG Magnet Combo

No Control+Click combo or list, just with your simple HTML and little jQuery magic (or magnet)
dg-magnet-combo is smart combo won’t require you to provide 2 list/combo-box in user interface to have them choose options easily, Users don’t need to keep CTL pressed while they select another option of the select-control. If you’re wondering how just try this sample.

MySQL 5.5 available for production

Back in December when I updated my twitter status to announce MySQL 5.5 general availability, I was very happy at that moment. It was the first major and much awaited release of MySQL after Oracle – the database giant acquired Sun (and so MySQL). Though MySQL 6.0 is not an active project right now and there are many strategic changes after Oracle’s acquisition of Sun for MySQL’s development road-map, but as a AMP developer it was news to be happy about.

Unable to set default gateway for Parallels Virtuozzo Container

Parallels Virtuozzo Container is the para-virtualization technology. It means that it creates virtual environment by splitting your operating system resources without actually installing another operating system over the host-operating-system. So basically unlike other common virtualization solutions it does ask you to install another operating system on the host. It will let you create containers, which will use the same source of your host operating system and they will be ready in few seconds to couple of minutes depending upon the configuration (templates) you choose.

Top 10 Must have WordPress plugins

Here is the list of top 10 Wordpress plugins which I have setup on Blogs@DiGiTSS, why they are good and why you should install them if you’re using Wordpress Blog.