Posting or Uploading Files using cURL with PHP

cURL is very important tool for PHP programmers, we tends to do so many thing with using this tool. Posting data, imitating a form post and lot more, it’s usage is countless. Some time back I came across situation where we have to post files to a 3rd party faxing service. I knew there are many possibilities but I didn’t wanted to get into sockets and file stream to get this done, just wanted to post FILE in addition to rest of the post data.

Alternate to FIND_IN_SET for non-MySQL databases

If you are MySQL user initially at the beginning of your career and later on as the career progresses got in touch with other RDBMS then you might miss MySQL’s FIND_IN_SET function badly.
What MySQL’s FIND_IN_SET does is it returns position of the matched element in the SET. That SET of items must be comma-separated. Now if you’re long time MySQL user you will miss some of the functions and one of them could be FIND_IN_SET, read on to find out how easily we can use LIKE in alternate to FIND_IN_SET.

Why IPv4 running out of space? What’s IPv6 and why do we care?

A typical IPv4 address looks like or Where it can not grow after (subnet mask). IPv4 uses 32-bit (four-byte) addresses, which limits the address space to 4,294,967,296 (232) possible unique addresses. However, some are reserved for special purposes such as private networks (~18 million addresses) or multicast addresses (~270 million addresses). This reduces the number of addresses that can potentially be allocated for routing on the public Internet. Read more about IPv4 and IPv4 space exhaustion on WiKiPedia.

Now IPv6 (Internet Protocol version-6) is the one who’s going to save us from this space outage and will be the successor of IPv4. Windows, *nix and other software have support for IPv6 since quite long time now. Typical IPv6 address looks like 2002:7c7d:f78d::7c7d:f78d.

How to auto-restart Windows Service upon failure

If you’re one of those who is administering Windows as a web-server administrator or as a windows admin and you need to take some action upon failure of your windows-service then right click on service for which you want to set recovery go to “Properties > Recovery” and choose action for First, Second and Subsequent failures of the service.

Best Free Website Uptime Monitor

I came across a post on Mashable about an article on 10 Free Website Uptime Monitoring services, out of that I have analyzed and found 2 of them the best free solution out of all. One is UptimeRobot and another one is pingdom. Whether you have single website or multiple, if you want to check and monitor uptime of your website to verify the reliability of your web-server or hosting company then you should deploy up-time-monitoring service for your website/web-application. If you are running critical application than one should consider buying or using one for monitoring them.

Speed up PC startup with Soluto – Anti-Frustration Software

If you’re one of those frustrated with sluggish PC startup then you should consider trying Soluto Beta. Soluto is an Anti-Frustration Software, which will help you easily view and remove unwanted items from the system startup and see what action other users in the community have taken for particular startup item.