Google launched new +1 Button

Google has answered Facebook with their newest product in the shelf “Google +1 Button”. With this new +1 Button your visitors can promote article, blog post, website or product on your website by simply clicking and +1 Button.

Don’t wait for Good News to get out and make the positive wave..!

If you (your organization/company) have good news about your product, clients using the product or any other good and positive news which can impact positively on your brand image or your sales and ultimately the bottom line one should try and do a press-release asap.

And you should not stop just by releasing press-notes, put that on your home page with highlights, write a blog post, update on social media channels and make a good positive wave.

Google updates Google App’s maximum number of users for Standard/Free Edition

Today I have received an announcement from Google Apps team that maximum # of users for Standard edition (which is free) has been reduced to 10. Previously that number was 50 (really generous), with which many businesses don’t really need to go and buy the Premier Edition which would cost $50/year per user (email account). Especially when they really don’t want to go for signing up SLA for up-time and all that.

Truncate last N lines of a file using PHP

For one of my project I needed to remove certain footer / tail-end lines from the file to make it clean as it was containing some summary of records within the file. Because if I do that it can be directly loaded into database by LOAD DATA command. To remove lines from the end of file you can use following snippet of code:

Simple / Plain Ajax – without any JavaScript library

Yes, we are in the world of AJAX where we don’t live without jQuery, Prototype or Mootools but when it comes to explaining someone that how raw ajax works, you need an example of plain AJAX which we have been using 5 years back when these libraries were either just born and were not as famous as today. Because my favorite jQuery has become a de facto standard when it comes to DOM manipulation or AJAX.

Recently I have to give an example to one of my friend on how raw AJAX works and here I am sharing that sample with my blog readers as a reference.

jQuery case-insensitive Contains Expression..!

Most of the time to search through DOM and filter text we need a jQuery Expression/filter which gives us case-insensitive result. I believe it’s required to have it as a part of jQuery base-library but anyway writing your own is very simple.

I have gone through some of other implementation before writing this but here this version is complete copy of jQuery library’s “contains” filter except it is case-insensitive.