PHP 5.2.7 is released

This is good to hear that PHP 5.2.7 is released last week. PHP 5.3 alpha 3 is released as well at the same time. Actually this release has taken more than 6 months after it’s last stable release of 5.2.6 version. But it’s better later than never. I have come across some blogs archives indicating dull future of PHP in coming year, but this slow and steady progress confirms that PHP elephant is here to stay, and there are many other blogs out there which indicates that too.

BlogRush shutdowns

Before a week probably I got mail from authored by “John Reese” / BlogRush, about it’s shutdown news.
I was one of the user of BlogRush and had BlogRush widget on my blogs. Although I was not sure that whether that widget was able to bring more traffic or not, it was just a nice addition on the blog. Although many times the related blogs were not actually close to the topic of my blog but..anyways. I didn’t thought of removing it from my blog.

The idea was good but may be not great enough to live up the expectation. Here is what John has to say on shutdown to all registered users of BlogRush.

This download has been blocked by your security zone policy

I would like to post one wired issue I faced before few days.

Recently I was deploying one of my project on client end. Basically it was a Web Application but unlike other setups they were going to use that by terminal access. Meaning that all Users of the Portal will be having unique login into their(client’s) Windows Network Domain and users will be logging into the Portal by logging into the Server machine first with given Windows domain credientials and then to the Portal.

This setup seems to be easy and no worry as whole portal will be accessed via LOCALHOST only..! Looks odd for any web-application though but that was the requirement for the client (keeping their security concerns in mind).

I have been given Administrative User to login to the server machine and setup everything. I did setup and did my post implementation testing on the machine with my user. Everything seems to be working as expected and I gave green flag to my superior.

Later on I have been buzzed with 2 issues from the Client.

1. Portal is not working in Internet Explorer at all.
2. Users are not able to download files from my Portal.

I asked for login details they used for testing and which they were actually going to give to their Users.