twitter addiction :)

I saw this on someone’s blog and can’t wait to check what my follower’s list look like.
It’s cool..! Twitter is addictive and infectious.
Get your twitter mosaic here.

Offline Gmail on the way – Thanks to Google Gears

One of Gmail’s most requested features – offline support – is now available in testing. In other words, you can now use Gmail without an Internet connection, just like you can with desktop mail clients like Outlook.

The offline support is made possible by Google Gears, which you’ll need to download in order to utilize the feature.

PHP Text Encoding – Challenge..!

I have faced some challenge in respect of text encoding with PHP in near past and would like to share with all of you. I am not sure that it indicates PHP’s limitation/weakness in that particular area or just a blind spot for me..! But would like to know about that as for that particular instance I took help of small C# utility to get it done.

Zimbra open-source works great..!

Last week I have been asked to install Zimbra on one of our machine for test as we wanted to perform some r&d out but can’t perform that on live server. I am novice to Linux and so took help of our Network guy to get over with Red Hat Server Enterprise 5 on one of the machine. The Red Hat installation went smooth and then before starting installation of Zimbra we went over with some QuickStart guides and Administrator Guide from Zimbra itself.

A Mind Teaser – good one..!

Last fortnight my team has put their mind on test with one puzzle (passed on to us by other programming department) and it went quite well for everyone.
It was more about basic math rather than programming and it was good to see everyone refreshing their mind with roots of math/programming. I am sharing this puzzle/question on my blog and want my reader to put their mind and some of their time to crack this and put down their results as comments on this post.