Installing Apache on Windows 2008

It’s not a easy drive when you are installing deploying your open-source application on Microsoft Windows 2008 Server. There was a nasty UAC – User Account Control which makes it difficult to configure Apache if we don’t know about UAC on Windows 2008.

Generating 2048-bit CSR with OpenSSL

As computer processing power is increasing everyday, so breaking 1024-bit private key algorithms will be possible by 2011. So we will need to generate minimum 2048-bit RSA Private Keys for new SSL Certificates or renewals.

Export/Import CSV files with MySQL – No external tool required

Loading data from and to CSV or other tab delimited or similar file format is essential in day to day operation. With MySQL it is easy to load data into table using files and exporting data into CSV files is quite easy. No need to use any external tool it can be done right there from the query tool/command prompt, no specific GUI tool required.


Error Reporting in Silverlight is really bad. One of the most common error you see whiled developing a Silverlight application is AG_E_PARSER_BAD_PROPERTY_VALUE. This error mostly occurs due to following, Version Change in assemly while...

backup/restore MySQL db using MYSQLDUMP (quick reference)

In my projects we have to deal with exporting system/meta data sync with production server on a regular basis and this seems to be easier than using utilities provided by GUI tools, be it HeidiSQL, PHPMySQL, SQLYog or anything else. Though it depends on project to project and person to person but many times when we have to restore big backup created with HeidiSQL or SQLYog I have seen programs/database exhausted such that increasing packet size won’t help either. But mysqldump/mysql restore always been a piece of cake to walk with.