Apple iPad launched

After Macintosh, iPod and iPhone Apple has created new waves in a market where there was lot of scope yet literally no competition if we consider with Apple’s standards. It seems like it will have big impact on consumers who are looking for something like this and who really like to read and publish.

Mozilla released Firefox 3.6 – What’s new?

Today Mozilla has announced Firefox 3.6 availability for public use. It’s built on Mozilla’s Gecko 1.9.2 web rendering platform. I love to update my computer with every new release Firefox comes up with and...

NetBeans 6.8 is out

NetBeans 6.8 is out and it is on the door with many new exciting features. I am developing Web Applications with PHP, XML, Javascript, HTML and it has been great experience using NetBeans. Other than NetBeans I am using Eclipse for some of the projects and NotePad++ and EditPlus are handy for some quick-fixes where you don’t need to open up or create a new Project.