Google frequently makes changes in Search algorithm, this count reaches somewhere around 350-400 changes a year. It means that there is some change in search algorithm everyday and it creates challenges for Search Engine Specialists and companies who are having SEO and SEM as their primary bread-and-butter. They just have to keep experimenting constantly to find out what works out best.

The change that Google made more than a month back made one of the most consequential algorithm change of last decade which has affected about 12% of search results.

But recently Google has done some major changes in the Search Engine algorithms which will stop bringing content-farms and spam results for the Search users. It means that end user wins and he’s going to get best search results and nearly the exact information s/he is looking for.

There is wonderful video about Innovation@Google (it’s about 52 minutes long) and in that they tell us how they keep innovating @ Google continuously. One thing I remember Douglas Merrill said during the presentation which was meant like “Search is the problem which is not solved yet or might not get solved ever“. I agree it has to improve day by day.. as people change and so as their need and demands.

Innovation at Google

So ultimately both end users will win as they will get better results and original, pure and fresh content providers will benefit as well.

Here is the excellent info-graphic compiled by Focus Research.

Google punishes Content Farms

Google punishes Content Farms

So did you made any change in your SEO policy as a SEO expert? or did you got affected by this major change in algorithm? If you’re fresh content provider you’ll see improvement for sure, just like us. :)