Show the way out

Show the way out

If you are one of those like me somewhat, who finds it bit or lot more troublesome to fire employees than the fact about firing an employee is that We are not doing bad with them or their families or not even to community or anyone else, the simplest point is that – they are not just good at what we want and they can be lot more better at many other places or skills which we might not want at this point in time.

We are just giving them a chance by closing our door and asking them to look at other opportunities around, waiting for them to do much better where they are good or best. I remember a quote from my boss that “Programming might not be in his blood, and they can be really good at many other things”. This way we are just helping them to find a right job or work which they would love to do…

I remember a quote from Steve Jobs speech at Stanford: “You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers … If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” (Here is a helpful post about How to find the Work You Love? at Life@DiGiTSS)

I have received a nice email from Infusionsoft marketing team as part of follow-up and tip.. which I would like to share here in this post.

Whether you employ one person, or fifty, choosing the right employees can be a challenge. How do you know which of the job applicants will be worth their weight in gold, and which will give you a run for your money? Well, the “secret” to hiring the right employee is to give equal weight to five different factors:


Sometimes, the best applicant is not the one with 20 years of experience. Sometimes, the best applicant is not the one with the Master’s degree. Focus your interview questions around all five traits, and the “right” employee will emerge.

What if it’s a toss up? Look closely at the experience, because past experience is the best indicator of future success.

If you’re struggling with current employees, here are four guidelines to determine it’s time to let someone go:

You are doing (or re-doing) their work
They fail to reach their goals on a regular basis
The employee has not taken your admonishments to heart
They negatively impact other employees around them

Small business owners do not have the luxury of keeping poor or mediocre employees. You must keep only the best employees for your business. And, don’t feel guilty for letting go of inefficient or unproductive persons. You’re growing a business, not running a charity.

Plus, I’ve learned by experience that I’m not doing anyone any favors by keeping a bad employee around… not the employee, not my customers, not the rest of my staff, and not me!


Clate Mask
CEO, Infusionsoft

I like followup-emails or newsletter emails I have been receiving from Infusionsoft and I think you might find something interesting on Infusionsoft-Blog as well. I might publish some more of them in future on Blogs@DiGiTSS.

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