jQuery mobile framework

jQuery mobile framework

jQuery 1.5.2 is released (on April 2nd) as a bug-fix release of jQuery version 1.5.x, fixing about 18+ issues/bugs reported. Along with that couple of days back on 31st March 2011 jQuery Mobile‘s alpha-4 version has been released.

jQuery mobile project is making good and steady progress though from their road-map published earlier I was expecting production ready release of jQuery mobile in Jan 2011. As I have invested into jQuery mobile as a technology and tool for one of my project and it’s obvious that I can not release that when framework itself is not mature for production.

I am highly impressed with jQuery mobile framework project and I haveĀ chosenĀ jQuery mobile over Sencha Touch after researching over it for sometime. One of the reason behind choosing jQuery mobile was number of devices they support. Look at the device support grid here.

I will be writing more on ExtJS Mobile (Sencha Touch) vs jQuery mobile in coming weeks, hopefully which will make developers take a smart decision depending upon the features they are looking for.

I would appreciate if you can share your experiences on above topic if you are about to take or have already taken decision in favor of one of them.