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Firebug Lite 1.2 Released

As we all know that Firebug is a great tool for debugging and profiling our Javascript code, but we have been limited to do it with Mozilla based browsers (Firefox). Firebug team has done great job by providing us ability to use Firebug Lite with Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari.
Firebug Lite is just a small javascript library which could enable us to use most of the features of Firebug Extension without any Installation..!

Firebug Lite is subset of Firebug that could be used in IE, Opera and Safari. Firebug Lite 1.2 is packed with XHR, DOM, HTML and Javascript debugging.

You can embed Firefox Lite into any web page / application to start debugging.

To embed Firefox Lite into any page just attach following code into your page.

<script type='text/javascript'

Or else you can download source file to your local system and can include into your pages. You can also drag-and-drop following link to your bookmark and it will enable Firebug Lite on any page.

Place Firebug Lite Bookmark


Go get Firebug Lite From Firebug Lite Home.

Just have a look at these screen-shots… Read the rest of this entry »

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My experiences with SOAP Web-service PHP vs .NET

Recently I have been developing web-services for integration of one of our flagship product to other POS software at Meditab Software. My official working platform is PHP and we have been developing web services for communication between our products to internal web applications in the past but it was like “We understand what we speak..!” as we have not been dealing with any external entity during these communications the input parameters used to be simple data-types and for output we understand what we give back using single simple data-type.

When I read requirement specification for the web service which I have developed recently I thought I could finish it in a day or two as I have been developing web-services recently. I went on and started and went into trouble with “complexType” declaration in WSDL. I was having C# example to work with provided by the company which was going to use my webservice. I tried that but the thing is when you use Microsoft ASP.NET platform to develop web services what developer needs to is just expose their method with [WebMethod] attribute and you are done! All hardwork and complex WSDL generation will be done by .NET framework. But when it comes to PHP you gotta deal with WSDL generation and make sure you do it perfectly or else your web-service won’t work. Read the rest of this entry »

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Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox – Best ever extension for Designer/Developer

It has been now around 2 year since I am using Web Developer Toolbar with Firefox and believe it’s kind of I can’t live without…! Whenever I go if I install it immediately if I have to deal with web-development. It’s really helpful when we are debugging web-applications. I would like to thank Chris Pederick for his efforts and time he spent behind development of such a useful toolbar extension for Firefox.

Here on my this blog post I am listing some of the features of this toolbar and that’s my way to thank Chris by promoting it.

I believe it will be really helpful to all the developers / designers if they use it. Read the rest of this entry »

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