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Speed up PC startup with Soluto – Anti-Frustration Software

If you’re one of those frustrated with sluggish PC startup then you should consider trying Soluto Beta. Soluto is an Anti-Frustration Software, which will help you easily view and remove unwanted items from the system startup and see what action other users in the community have taken for particular startup item.

NetBeans 6.8 is out

NetBeans 6.8 is out and it is on the door with many new exciting features. I am developing Web Applications with PHP, XML, Javascript, HTML and it has been great experience using NetBeans. Other than NetBeans I am using Eclipse for some of the projects and NotePad++ and EditPlus are handy for some quick-fixes where you don’t need to open up or create a new Project.

Open Source – Web Office: OpenGoo

OpenGoo is a open-source Web Office software built with PHP and MySQL. It uses extJS as Javascript framework and it’s gadgets for presentation layer, which makes it’s look and feel great. Though it is bit heavy when transferred on the wire. But can serve as an alternate to Zimbra or Google Docs and office applications.

Zimbra open-source works great..!

Last week I have been asked to install Zimbra on one of our machine for test as we wanted to perform some r&d out but can’t perform that on live server. I am novice to Linux and so took help of our Network guy to get over with Red Hat Server Enterprise 5 on one of the machine. The Red Hat installation went smooth and then before starting installation of Zimbra we went over with some QuickStart guides and Administrator Guide from Zimbra itself.