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Best Free Website Uptime Monitor

I came across a post on Mashable about an article on 10 Free Website Uptime Monitoring services, out of that I have analyzed and found 2 of them the best free solution out of all. One is UptimeRobot and another one is pingdom. Whether you have single website or multiple, if you want to check and monitor uptime of your website to verify the reliability of your web-server or hosting company then you should deploy up-time-monitoring service for your website/web-application. If you are running critical application than one should consider buying or using one for monitoring them.

Open Source – Web Office: OpenGoo

OpenGoo is a open-source Web Office software built with PHP and MySQL. It uses extJS as Javascript framework and it’s gadgets for presentation layer, which makes it’s look and feel great. Though it is bit heavy when transferred on the wire. But can serve as an alternate to Zimbra or Google Docs and office applications. 3.0 released

Open Office 3.0 is released this monday and it’s doing well. As I have seen early this week that due to unexpected download their engineers got to work on their website to manage the load. When I am writing this the website is back to it’s normal and they have has recovered from the crash. They managed to allow download open office even when the site was down.