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Printing data table vertically..! Why? and How?

Last week one of my friend called me up as he got stuck when he has to print data table vertically. Yes vertical table, it means that you want your data to print from top to bottom and not left to write, which is standard conventional way to generate html table.

The perfect regular expression for email validation

Okey..! You are looking for “The perfect regular expression for email validation……” aaah..! That’s great. I have come across an article as author has done lot of analysis to find out the perfect regular-expression and benchmark it against hundreds of test-cases.


Error Reporting in Silverlight is really bad. One of the most common error you see whiled developing a Silverlight application is AG_E_PARSER_BAD_PROPERTY_VALUE. This error mostly occurs due to following, Version Change in assemly while...

A Mind Teaser – good one..!

Last fortnight my team has put their mind on test with one puzzle (passed on to us by other programming department) and it went quite well for everyone.
It was more about basic math rather than programming and it was good to see everyone refreshing their mind with roots of math/programming. I am sharing this puzzle/question on my blog and want my reader to put their mind and some of their time to crack this and put down their results as comments on this post.