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Upgrading to PHP 5.3..! – are you sure?

If you are planning to upgrade to PHP 5.3 from PHP 5.2.x then you must think twice before you really do it. There are few things you should take care of. Recently last week I tried upgrading one of the web-server to PHP 5.3 from PHP 5.2.9 and it was not a good idea which I came to know later on.

When PHP Frameworks are going to stop PHP 4 support?

As of now we have many frameworks which are still supporting PHP 4.x. CakePHP and CodeIgniter are leading that troop. Now we have PHP 6 about to get ready for production and PHP 5.x is in it’s mature stage since long while now with PHP 5.3 as the latest release. I am not against for support on 4.x version of PHP; may great developers/teams have developed awasom tools and application and they should be still usable without any modifications in their coding.

PHP Text Encoding – Challenge..!

I have faced some challenge in respect of text encoding with PHP in near past and would like to share with all of you. I am not sure that it indicates PHP’s limitation/weakness in that particular area or just a blind spot for me..! But would like to know about that as for that particular instance I took help of small C# utility to get it done.

PHP 5.2.7 is released

This is good to hear that PHP 5.2.7 is released last week. PHP 5.3 alpha 3 is released as well at the same time. Actually this release has taken more than 6 months after it’s last stable release of 5.2.6 version. But it’s better later than never. I have come across some blogs archives indicating dull future of PHP in coming year, but this slow and steady progress confirms that PHP elephant is here to stay, and there are many other blogs out there which indicates that too.