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Command Prompt Here – in Windows 10

To open command-line with working directory as your current working directory in explorer, go to address-bar in Windows Explorer and type in just 3 letter “CMD” and it opens up Windows Command-line right there with your current directory as the active/working directory in command-prompt instance.

How to auto-restart Windows Service upon failure

If you’re one of those who is administering Windows as a web-server administrator or as a windows admin and you need to take some action upon failure of your windows-service then right click on service for which you want to set recovery go to “Properties > Recovery” and choose action for First, Second and Subsequent failures of the service.


Error Reporting in Silverlight is really bad. One of the most common error you see whiled developing a Silverlight application is AG_E_PARSER_BAD_PROPERTY_VALUE. This error mostly occurs due to following, Version Change in assemly while...