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jQuery UI – 1.7.1 is released..

The good new is that jQuery UI – 1.7.1 is out… and things are looking quite well. But still lot more to go. I am still waiting for lot of official UI widgets and Navigation or Context Menu are in that list.

jQuery is one of my favorite Javascript framework and so I am hoping for better growth of it’s UI part as well.

I know discussions and planning are going on the Wiki and I know everyone will have a wishlist like I have. There are lot of options available as an plugins but having them in official UI bundle is a more better. UI Team must be working hard and there is lot of things which needs to be done.. All the best to jQuery UI team for bringing in Good for the future.

I have some complaints as well..but may be sometime later.

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jQuery 1.3.2 is out

It is good to see that after 1.2.6 release new iterations of version 1.3 are taking place on fast pace for jQuery. Although 1.3 release has been totally revamped with brand new selector engine inside. It is great that with every new release jQuery is coming up with better performance of selectors. jQuery 1.3.1 was bugfix release while 1.3.2 is with some nice selector performance improvements. I have not tested it yet by plugging it into any of my existing heavy-weight form application but you can check release notes here.

jQuery 1.2.5 released

jQuery 1.2.5 is available only after one day of jQuery’s 1.2.4 release. jQuery 1.2.4 was a bad build probably. There were some patches missing and difference was small compared to the list of bugs fixed.

There is a huge bunch of tickets which is closed. Here is the list of tickets closed for jQuery 1.2.4 or 1.2.5. There were many browser compatibilities related issues and some are performance related and core improvements.

Good to see that our favourite Javascript framework is becoming more and more mature day by day.

Click here to see the reason behind rebuilding 1.2.4 as 1.2.5

Download jQuery 1.2.5

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Hacking jQuery Thickbox..!

Have you ever wished of doing something more with what you have been doing with jQuery thickbox? Now it has been more then 6 months that I am using jQuery on different projects. I have extended jQuery many a times during this period and to tell you one thing I have used jQuery for heavy-weight form processing for one of my very complicated project and it included processing of more then 1600 html controls with the help of great jQuery.

Now when it comes to Thickbox it gives nice functionality but many a times it leaves us hungry for more. For example here are the few situations where it will be difficult to use Thickbox without further modification.

  • It let’s open window in a IFRAME and close that but what if you can’t give ‘class=”Thickbox”‘ to any of your link?
  • What if you are not loading those links with page load? (If the links from which you are willing to open Thickbox windows is not available at the time of page load then Thickbox won’t work. As Thickbox internally works in a way that it will search for all links with class = “Thickbox” at the time of page load and then customize their onclick events.)
  • What if you want to open second Thickbox window as someone close first one and that too without any user interaction?
  • What if you want to call any javascript function from the parent window? (parent window is the window from which parent window is getting opened.)

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jQuery Plugin – Radio button with Checkbox Behavior – Updated

I found some bugs in my jQuery plugin I have published recently. So here is the bugfix release for the same.

You can download it here.

See Demo Radio with Checkbox Behavior Live in Action here.

Following bugs/issues are resolved.

Change Log:
– Compatibility will be with jQuery 1.2.3 or newer.
– jQuery chain will not break.
– Bug related to multiple radios is solved.
– Now using data() function from jQuery 1.2.3
– If radios are checked while page is getting loaded then it was required to click twice to uncheck.
– Tested on IE, Firefox, Safari.
Download Here

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jQuery tablesorter plugin – a friend in need…

Working on Client side using javascript has lot of advantages and one of them I came across today..! In our flagship CRM we have quite complicated and drill-down reports and in one of such report I wanted to give sorting.

It was not possible to use database (mySQL) sorting as it was not just one query and it was a calculated based on so many things. Next option was to play with resultant recordset in script language – PHP, although I am very good at playing with arrays I didn’t wanted to do so in it this time. I had seen many of jQuery examples previously and since few months I was heavily developing in jQuery so I though of doing it on client end using some javascript code. Which I though must be readily available by some great contributor over the Internet.

I did my search with “table sort jquery” and what I found was a great jQuery plugin with a great power which will let me do all my sorting on Client Side. I was not going to give pagination on that so server side trip was not required at all.

tablesorter is a great jQuery plugin and I applicate all efforts from Christian Bach to make this plugin what it is, and tablesorter is now in mature stage by his efforts. When I am writing it is in it’s 2.0.1 version.

I agree that such plugins are available by contributors of other javascript frameworks like Prototype, mootools…etc. But what jQuery has done is really great. Plugin development is really easy and fun with jQuery, and it’s beauty, chain ability and ease will drive us crazy to get anything we want…….!

So if you are already using jQuery for your application just use tablesorter when you need it and it won’t let you down. Using it is really a fun and as easy as (“#myTable”).tablesorter() and you are done. It will auto-detect most of the data-type on it’s own and you can checkout from it’s demos that it really does. It will just take plain html table and we just need to leave everything else on this beautiful plugin to worry about.

Here is the powerful feature list:

  • Multi-column sorting
  • Parsers for sorting text, URIs, integers, currency, floats, IP addresses, dates (ISO, long and short formats), time. Add your own easily
  • Support for ROWSPAN and COLSPAN on TH elements
  • Support secondary “hidden” sorting (e.g., maintain alphabetical sort when sorting on other criteria)
  • Extensibility via widget system
  • Small code size (7,4kb packed)

Real simplicity of plugin is that I don’t need to change much to use it. I can output plain html as I was doing before, just attach id=<table-id> attribute to my table and just order header’s into <th> tag properly and when your page is ready call tablesorter for your table..!

One more good thing with it is that it comes with a companion Pager plugin which will add-up pagination to your listing.. Check-out this really good plugin if you need Pagination with Client-Side sorting for any of your application.
Thanks to New Wave Javascript – jQuery.

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Radio-button with Checkbox behavior

Ever wanted Radio-button group which could be deselected once you click on any of the choice from given radio button group?

Then here is my simple jQuery plugin which you can use to make all your radio-buttons in the form behave like checkbox. Here by checkbox I mean to give Click to select and click-again to de-select kind of functionality.

How to use?


For more details checkout live demo or goto jQuery plugin repository.

Update: Radio-buttons with Checkbox behavior – a jQuery Plugin 1.2.5

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