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Zend Framework 1.6 RC1 with WSDL AutoDiscovery

Zend Framework’s new release 1.6 is in it’s RC1 stage now. It has got many exiting features, including one of the much waited WSDL auto-generation using Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover class. It will automatically generate WSDL based on your class definition based on PHP Documentation.

Symfony 1.1 RC1 Released

There are some great news for symphony lovers. Symfony 1.1 is now in it’s release candidate stage. At the same time the biggest news is that after Yahoo! Bookmarks now Yahoo! has chose symphony...

Top Open Source PHP Frameworks

After RoR there are lot many frameworks in PHP which are either inspired by it or based on MVC pattern. Today I am throwing some light on some of it, which I came across...