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backup/restore MySQL db using MYSQLDUMP (quick reference)

In my projects we have to deal with exporting system/meta data sync with production server on a regular basis and this seems to be easier than using utilities provided by GUI tools, be it HeidiSQL, PHPMySQL, SQLYog or anything else. Though it depends on project to project and person to person but many times when we have to restore big backup created with HeidiSQL or SQLYog I have seen programs/database exhausted such that increasing packet size won’t help either. But mysqldump/mysql restore always been a piece of cake to walk with.

HeidiSQL 4.0 RC1 released

I am not sure how many MySQL developers are using HeidiSQL for development but I am sure those who are using it will be fan of some of it’s features.!

I have been using HeidiSQL tool for my php/mySQL development for a while now. (more than a year and half..!). Before few months I have upgraded to newer version of HeidiSQL which is 4.1 RC1. It has got quite new and exciting features, looks and skins are improved.