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Windows 7 gives browser choice in Europe

Anyway as long as browsers and their browsers are concerned users will usually stick to one once they are happy with it with basics (the normal users which are less technical). While developers and specially web-developers need to deal with various breed of them. I consider desktop-applications and their developers little lucky in this area. (Though the fact is – for many software vendors it’s difficult to make and test their software even in various flavors of Windows only.)

Firefox 3.7 alpha turns Firefox 4.0 pre beta

Firefox 3.7 alpha turns Firefox 4.0 pre beta.. Firefox 4 is coming..!
Firefox 4 features and talk abouts:

* Complete Multiprocess architecture to take advantage of multi-core processors.
* New add-on framework Jetpack instead of current XUL, which will make addon/plugin developers life easy along with New add-on manager.
* Major UI Redesign: with design inspiration from Opera 10 and Chrome.
* More Standard Compliant
* New J├ĄgerMonkey JavaScript Engine
* TaskFox: see live demo in action

Mozilla released Firefox 3.6 – What’s new?

Today Mozilla has announced Firefox 3.6 availability for public use. It’s built on Mozilla’s Gecko 1.9.2 web rendering platform. I love to update my computer with every new release Firefox comes up with and...