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Blogging FAQs

Once you decide to start blogging, you are certainly going to be asking yourself a lot of questions. Everyone does when they step into these unchartered waters. The best place to get answers is...

Why blogging?

I believe developers and technologies should blog basically it helps in creating their web presence and sharing their ideas and thoughts, it does not matter how big or small it is. There are numerous...

Making money online: Want to see the money?

This is what we have all grown up believing since the dotcom got associated with stories of riches. Get the eyeballs, advertising will follow and you can live it up. This is how all media survives. If you have the audience, advertisers cannot ignore you.

The simplest way to start is to sign for a service like Google’s Adsense. Acting as a middleman, Google approaches advertisers all over the world and automatically places ads on blogs and sites that sign up with them. The advertisement that gets displayed is contextual to the content on the site, and it is all done automatically.

Making money online: Content Sources

One of the bigger challenges for bloggers is generating fresh and unique content at a consistent pace. There are many reasons why it is not easy. Monotony or bloggers block can cause spirits to wane. They may not have enough content to generate. If the purpose is to make money, a lot of time may need to be spent on marketing leaving lesser time for content. If you are blogging part time, your day job might not leave you with enough time or energy to write content.

Making money online: How to Market your Blog?

Setting up a blog is as easy as it gets—getting traffic is another proposition altogether. Yes, blogs by their very nature are supposed to be search engine optimization ready but there is a catch: Your blog needs to break free from the millions of blogs jostling with each other for attention. And till you don’t get traffic, you cannot make money from a blog. At least through some of the direct means.

Making money online: Choosing a blog type

You can decide to blog about your personal habits, but no one would care about that unless you happen to be Paris Hilton. It would still be fine but we are here to help you make money. Identify a gap in the market, and go for it. A blog to enhance your professional income. Businesses need to blog – whether they are your own or you work for one

Making money online: Define your Product

Start by asking why you are writing a blog. This will bring clarity on who you are writing for, and this in turn will help you determine what you are writing. A combination of originality and quality works beautifully—it takes you higher up on the search engines.