Category: Apache

Installing Apache on Windows 2008

It’s not a easy drive when you are installing deploying your open-source application on Microsoft Windows 2008 Server. There was a nasty UAC – User Account Control which makes it difficult to configure Apache if we don’t know about UAC on Windows 2008.

Generating 2048-bit CSR with OpenSSL

As computer processing power is increasing everyday, so breaking 1024-bit private key algorithms will be possible by 2011. So we will need to generate minimum 2048-bit RSA Private Keys for new SSL Certificates or renewals.

Faster Page Loads with Apache mod_deflate output filtering

Apache 2.x is having module mod_deflate ( which can compress output irrespective of what scripting language you are using or even if you are serving a static but rich content website. If you are using PHP then there are ways available which can compress the output with buffering help but in that you need to write some code to make it happen but here we just need to enable mod_deflate module and add some configuration parameter and output compression will be taken care of by this module based on configuration provided.

Allow only HTTPS access with .htaccess

If you want any of your web-directory to be accessed only via Secure HTTP (HTTPS) protocol then placing following code in “.htaccess” will make sure that any URL or Web-address will be converted from Http to Https.