I believe developers and technologies should blog basically it helps in creating their web presence and sharing their ideas and thoughts, it does not matter how big or small it is. There are numerous benefits if a developer starts blogging online as there are numerous platforms available which lets one write free blogs without spending a single penny.

Blogging skills/basics:

Blogging requires good writing skills and passion to write, it requires that one should be able to spend some of his time on every few days for blogging if everyday is not possible. As I try to spare some of my time on weekends to have some new posts on my blog, as I can’t spend anytime on my working days. It requires one to write with consistency as you must serve something new to your visitors to make them visit again and again. You must write something new which is uncommon or if you are a technologist or programmer you can post problems you might have faced and solutions you have come up with. Something you might have done which you were not able to find solution with googling skills.

3Cs of Blogging - Competencies, Capacity and Comfort

3Cs of Blogging - Competencies, Capacity and Comfort

I believe above picture says it all.

Blogging Stages

Alternate Stages of Blogging

If you are able to spend sometime on periodic basis and able to achieve the consistency and focus on your blog then you can achieve many of your desired benefits like:

Learning: You can learn, you can post your opinions and you will get some positives and some negative responses if you are lucky. Critic to your ideas will make you realize your possible mistakes and you can learn from them. If you have faced some problem you can post on your blog and I am sure if you post it on some link sharing website you will surely get some positive response within small period of time. PHP Text encoding challenge is one of my such post. Basically we are students for life.

Web Presence: In the effort to make your blog famous you will link it to some of the websites, try to do some SEO and that will increase your marketing skills for sure. You can proud that you online presence is more than just your online resume`.

Make some money: You can make bit extra money by just sharing your expertise on the subject or application. Having little extra cash never hurts. I have been blogging since while now but truly speaking it has never been a economic aid for me as of yet but I just love to blog.

After all, it’s Fun: I like to share my experience, I love people getting help from my work and appreciating it. Hacking jQuery thickbox has been my most commented post on the blog among rest of others and I like people helping each other in the comments and sharing knowledge. You will feel proud that your small idea is helping out quite a few people and their are loving it.

I don’t mind asking a question if I get confused and I do get the answers on quite close time limit. People/readers will comment on your blog either by realizing that you are either right or wrong in your assumptions or thoughts.

Why Blogging ??

Why Blogging ? - What is the single greatest point of value you receive from blogging?

Ask this question to yourself and probably your answer would fall into one of you can see in the above picture.

I have a copy of digit magazine (June’09) and there were some good article which we have posted here on my blog and hope that would help you to continue blogging in the right direction.

I hope my blog readers are getting some benefits by being on this blog..! Your thoughts and ideas on the topic are more than welcome; I am looking forward to them..