Author: Dharmavirsinh Jhala

Javascript ES6 Arrow Function variations

Arrow function helps programmers intending to write declarative code with Javascript. While everyone may have different feelings for this new addition to the Javascript/ES6 but at the same time whatever camp you belong to...

DevOps: What to expect from DevOps engineer? What not? and most important do you need one?

Not sure what to expect or what DevOps can do for you? or not sure what you’ll have to do as a DevOps engineer?

Watch the detailed presentation to find out more about DevOps whether you’re looking forward to make a career move towards DevOps or a business who is planning to start a DevOps within the organization or a company who is planning to jump into DevOps as a Service provider or even if you’re just an enthusiast who is looking forward to know more on the topic.

Command Prompt Here – in Windows 10

To open command-line with working directory as your current working directory in explorer, go to address-bar in Windows Explorer and type in just 3 letter “CMD” and it opens up Windows Command-line right there with your current directory as the active/working directory in command-prompt instance.